Fundación Grupo Efecto Positivo (FGEP), founded in 2006, is a Nonprofit Civil Society Organization located in Argentina that works to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV (PLHIV) to ensure the proper exercise of their rights, their empowerment, their effective involvement in decision making spaces, and also the elimination of barriers to access to essential medicines for HIV and Hepatitis C treatments. Since FGEP is involved with an extensive network of civil society partners, academics and government officials, it has facilitated multilateral dialogue upon health public policies.

FGEP arises from the joint work of PLHIV/AIDS that integrated supporting groups, general assessment and reflexion for people recently diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. This work generated a demand from affected people to give FGEP legal force in order to work with the public and private sector on topics of general interest, activities and projects.

This process began in 2005 after getting the legal registration granted by the Argentine Justice Board in 2006. Since then, FGEP carries out actions to improve the quality of life of PLHIV/AIDS and other vulnerable communities. Since 2012, FGEP works in collaboration with other Civil Society Organizations, at national and international level, and articulates with the private and public sectors to promote sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS prevention as a comprehensive approach to public health improvement.

FGEP implements strategies to promote:

  • The full exercise of human rights.
  • Universal access to comprehensive and quality treatment services.
  • The elimination of political, legal, economic and cultural barriers that prevent people from exercising a full citizenship.