FGEP works  in joint action with the following networks and organizations:

  • REDAR Positiva. The argentine network of PLHIV/AIDS, funded in 1998, works to improve the quality of life of PLHIV/AIDS across the country. REDAR’s website and Facebook page.

  • Initiative for Medicines, Access & Knowledge (I-MAK): is a non-profit organization of public service with legal basis in the United States. I-MAK is conformed by lawyers and scientists that work to protect public domain from unfair patents, to ensure that patents do not imply a barrier for the investigation, to legitimate competition and reasonable access to medicines. I-MAK’s website.

IMAK logo

  • At regional level it is co-founder and coordinator of  the Latin-American Network for the Access to Medicines (RedLAM), which is constituted by organizations of five Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru) that work to promote a better quality of life for PLHIV/AIDS and most affected communities. RedLAM focuses on making a contribution to eliminate barriers to access to medicines for HIV generated by IP rights and other exclusive rights. RedLAM’s website and Facebook page.

RedLAM’s partner organizations are:

RedLAM partners

  • ABIA: The Brazilian Interdisciplinar AIDS Association (ABIA) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization based in Río de Janeiro, funded in 1986 in response to the breaking through of HIV/AIDS. ABIA’s website.
  • GTPI: The Workgroup on Intellectual Property (GTPI) belonging to the Brazilian Network for People Integration is a network of several Civil Society Organizations, social movements and experts related to IP and access to health services in Brazil. GTPI’s website.
  • AIS Peru: is an organization that promotes universal access to essential medicines, rational use of medicines and democratic participation of individuals and  communities on the formulation, execution and monitoring of health policies , especially those related to medicines. AIS’ website.
  • Mexican Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS: is an organization constituted by PLHIV that aims to build capacity on PLHIV/AIDS in Mexico .
  • Ifarma:is an investigation and consultancy organization based in Colombia. Its main goals are related to medicines (access, use and quality) with an international perspective. Ifarma’s website and Facebook page.