FGEP actively participates in international assemblies, conferences and seminars with the aim of promoting international measures that mitigate the impact of IPR on access to medicines and health protection as well as influencing other countries to implement health safeguards, such as:

  • 1st meeting of the Hepatitis C Virus World Community Advisory Board (Bangkok, July 2014). FGEP demanded equal access to the new drugs SOFOSBUVIR- LEDIPASVIR from six pharmaceutical companies.
  • 16th International Conference of Drug Regulatory Authorities – ICDRA (Rio de Janeiro, August 2014). FGEP participated in this conference in the global debate about biotechnological medicines regulations. The conference’s pre-event focused on the regulation of biotechnological medicines (including biogenerics) that are needed to guarantee safety of treatment without excessive control required by big companies as a strategy to extend and evergreen their monopolies.
  • 20th International AIDS Conference (Melbourne, November 2014).  FGEP expressed the concern about the sustainability of public programs on access to medicines because of the high prices of medicines generated by monopolies granted by IP rights.
  • WHO Health Global Assembly (Geneva, May 2015). FGEP participated in the debate on changes to international intellectual property models.
  • World Hepatitis Summit (Glasgow, September 2015). FGEP expressed the need to adopt measures that protect public health.