From Fundación GEP, we express our harsh condemnation, and warn the population about the measure announced today by the argentine President, Mauricio Macri, that eliminates de National Ministry of Health.

Dismantling the Ministry of Health is a criminal act that put in risk the lives of millions of people in Argentina. This measure will block access to medicines, treatments, supplies and sanitary care which violates the Human Right to Health.  

After the announcement of the president, we took notice of the resignation of the Head of the National AIDS Program, Sergio Maulen, who quit due to the reduction of the budget allocated to purchase medicines and the uncertainty to ensure sustainability of treatments for PLHIV and Viral Hepatitis.   

The agreement recently signed between the government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) lead the adoption of these severe measures that put in risk the lives of Argentinians. The IMF is accomplice of the genocide that will provoke the elimination of the National Ministry of Health in our country.

Only two moments in Argentina’s history have been scenario of the absence of this Ministry: during military dictatorships that took place in 1955-1858 and between 1966-1970.

«This is not the first time Mauricio Macri´s administration attacks our Health. We have undertaken several mobilizations to claim for our rights, since the government decided to interrupt the free procurement of antiretrovirals in hospitals and healthcare centers» highlighted Pablo García, President of Fundación GEP.  

«It is unacceptable that public social achievements -such as the creation of a governmental institution to guarantee Public Health- are dismantled disregarding people’s lives. Even worse when this is done in connivance with  international institutions that seek economic and abusive corporative interests», stated Lorena Di Giano, Executive Director of Fundación GEP.

We demand that Mauricio Macri reverts his arbitrary decision and we urge national and international stakeholders´s solidarity to support this demand.