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22 06, 2020

COVID-19: Good intentions do not guarantee vaccines and treatments for everyone

2020-08-13T17:03:44-03:00lunes, 22 junio, 2020|Producciones en inglés|

      22 June 2020 Health technologies should be considered global public goods and this should not only apply to technologies to fight the health crisis that started with COVID-19. WHO appeals to the good will and solidarity of governments and companies, but big pharmaceuticals, which have hedge funds among their most important shareholders,

18 06, 2020

Remdesivir in Argentina: new patent opposition filed by Fundación GEP intends to stop Gilead’s abusive behaviour

2020-08-05T13:47:02-03:00jueves, 18 junio, 2020|Producciones en inglés|

Fundación GEP has filed a new opposition against a patent application that Gilead has filed in Argentina. Remdesivir is the first drug approved globally to treat people infected with COVID-19.  If the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) rejects the patent, Argentina will give a step forward toward the access to this drug, because it

4 06, 2020

Argentina- Fundación GEP opposed Gilead´s patent application on remdesivir

2020-08-10T11:58:40-03:00jueves, 4 junio, 2020|Producciones en inglés|

Fundación GEP has filed this week a patent opposition against Gilead patent application on remdesivir before Argentinean Patent Office. GEP has requested that the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI) reject the patent application so as to prevent monopoly barriers that the company is seeking to generate on this drug that could be a breakthrough

13 05, 2020

COVID19- South America: Gilead block access to coronavirus treatment for 440 million people

2020-08-04T16:14:20-03:00miércoles, 13 mayo, 2020|Producciones en inglés|

Buenos Aires, May 12th 2020. Yesterday the american company Gilead Sciences signed non exclusive voluntary licenses with five generic manufacturers from India and Pakistan, aiming to “expand the availability of remdesivir”.  The medicine is under clinical trial and is being promoted as “a promissory treatment” for COVID-19. Even though, during the last weeks, it has

30 04, 2020

Compulsory licenses to guarantee access to medical technologies

2020-08-13T17:09:38-03:00jueves, 30 abril, 2020|Producciones en inglés|

    30 April 2020 Coronavirus is undermining capitalism grounds globally, so it is time to rethink not only health system models but also how research and development are conducted, in a context in which patents generate barriers to access, and facilitate speculation and overpricing. Are there any tools that help guarantee access to medical

22 10, 2019

RedLAM in Geneva: A week of actions against the Corporate Power and to reclaim Peoples Sovereignty 

2020-08-04T16:13:06-03:00martes, 22 octubre, 2019|Producciones en inglés|

Between October 12th and 19th, RedLAM is in Geneva participating of the “Week of Peoples”, a wake up call to social movements worldwide to contribute to the debate about the adoption of the Binding Treaty on Transnational Corporations and Human Rights at the UN.  This week in Geneva, Switzerland, social movements, networks of organizations and

10 07, 2019

Fundación GEP filed patent opposition on Hepatitis C treatment

2020-08-04T16:35:55-03:00miércoles, 10 julio, 2019|Producciones en inglés|

Fundación GEP filed an opposition to the patent application claimed by Gilead over the combination Sofosbuvir + Velpatasvir. This is the third opposition filed by GEP on medicines to cure Hepatitis C. The former oppositions filed allowed us to stop monopolies and to reduce significantly the prices of medicines. Buenos Aires, July 1, 2019. Sofosbuvir

4 09, 2018

Argentina: elimination of the Ministry of Health threatens PLHIV lives.

2020-08-04T16:56:49-03:00martes, 4 septiembre, 2018|Producciones en inglés|

From Fundación GEP, we express our harsh condemnation, and warn the population about the measure announced today by the argentine President, Mauricio Macri, that eliminates de National Ministry of Health. Dismantling the Ministry of Health is a criminal act that put in risk the lives of millions of people in Argentina. This measure will block

8 07, 2018

Argentina: Stockouts of ARVs threatens continuation of HIV treatments

2020-08-04T16:58:43-03:00domingo, 8 julio, 2018|Producciones en inglés|

Buenos Aires, July 6 2018.  In a context of economic crisis of magnitude that Argentina is facing there are stockouts of essential medicines. According to key informants, the shortage of medicines is due to the lack of public purchases. While the authorities of the Ministry of Health delay the provision of official information there are disruptions

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